a drying ground

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By each yurt usually lies a drying ground filled to the brim with split fish, which from a distance, especially when the sun is shining on them, look like filaments of coral.
(H. Murakami; Jay Rubin; Philip Gabriel; 1Q84)

I surmise that these drying grounds are not flat, but must be something like holes in the ground.
Is it so?

  • entangledbank

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    I surmise so too, though I doubt that any of us have ever seen a drying-ground. It's not a familiar thing or a familiar expression. 'Ground' doesn't have to mean it's flat, just that it's a defined portion of the earth for some purpose - as in a fairground, hunting-grounds, or the grounds of a large house. I would guess the space was wide, and shallowly cut into the earth.
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