a dumpy non-tell

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We park in the back of a dumpy no-tell in East Orange. She isn’t staying there. It’s an old trick, she explains. She parks at the no-tell, so if the police or whoever spot the car or start a search based on the car, she’s not there.
Source: Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben
Context: a “no-tell motel” that promises all the glamour and amenities of a herpes sore.

What is your interpretation of dumpy in a dumpy motel?

Thank you.
  • jacdac

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    Thank you. Dumpy is usually used for describing short and thick in build people. Unsure about a motel or an edifice? I surmise it could mean single level and wide, right?


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    From google:

    1. 1.
      (of a person) short and stout.
      "her plain, dumpy sister"
      synonyms: short, squat, stubby; More

    2. 2.
      (of a room or building) ugly, dirty, and run-down.
      "a dumpy little diner with a "closed" sign hanging in the window"
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