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Contextul este: certificăm faptul ca x a facut practică la societatea noastră în perioada y.
Am găsit practice, practicum, training pentru practică, dar rămâne problema întregii sintagme.
Aş fi recunoscătoare pentru sugestii.
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    mod-errare humanum est
    Formulari pe care le-am întâlnit mai des:

    We hereby certify that X

    - worked as a/an accountant/caterer/cashier... in training for our firm
    - obtained/gained/acquired practical work experience working as a/an (...) in training for our firm
    - performed a training stage as (...) with our firm

    Later :)


    mod-errare humanum est
    To do an internship, to be an intern.
    This works well if you're talking about medical doctors or political/government/law office. I've never seen an engineer or accountant internship, but it's quite frequent ta have such "trainees" work as co-op students (alternating theoretical studies with practical training in their respective domains).

    In the end it's a matter of context.



    mod-errare humanum est
    I stand corrected :D I've been workign for quite a while in the telecom industry and not once have I encountered an "engineer intern" which seems to be by far the largest usage associated with the term. I don't know if it has to do with the companies I worked for or with other practices.

    Thanks for setting me right :)

    (hits on Google)

    "government internship" - 182k
    "medical internship" - 69k
    "law internship" - 91.6k
    "accounting internship" - 77.1k
    "engineer internship" - 295k
    "hospital internship" - 105k
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