a face that would stop a clock

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Brave Heart

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Japan, Japanese

Today, I heard from a friend of mine, who used to live in Britain, the hilarious expression " a face that would stop a clock", meaning ugly.

I just want to know if this is a widely used expression in English-speaking countries.

Thanks :)
  • ladylana

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    US, English
    I've heard it as " a face that would stop an eight day clock". ( an eight day clock is one that would go for eight days before needing to be re-wound, the idea being that the person is so ugly he/she could even stop a very good clock )


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    Taiwan, Mandarin
    In the sense of the people in my country, if a face could stop a clock, it would mean the lady is so amazingly beautiful that the time gets frozen for her.

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    Australian Australia
    This is definitely linked, in my mind, to the poem, 'For he's hairy and he's hard and his feet are by the yard and his face is like the face what's on a clock.'

    Her face is round and flat and featureless and covered in strange markings.

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