a Fairy brat

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  1. Jade14 Senior Member

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    Does anyone know what "brat" stands for in the following context? Does it stand for "child" or maybe "changeling"?

    According to Celtic mythology, the fairies used to kipnap human infants and use them to pay the tribute they owed to hell. Some myths say fairies used to leave sickly children in the place of the one they would take away: “[…] children kidnapped while changelings are left in their place. The latter accounts for sudden decline and loss of health by a child; he is not the original child, but a Fairy brat.”

  2. enUS Member

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    It stands for changeling.

    He's not an original child, but the child of a fairy, therefore a changeling.
  3. Loob

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    I disagree with enUS:(

    "Brat" means "child", but with pejorative overtones - see the WR dictionary definition click.

    In the context given, the reference is to a changeling, yes. But "brat" does not mean "changeling"....
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  4. Jade14 Senior Member

    Chicago, IL
    Thank you Loob. My problem is that in this context, it doesn't fit the definition of a brat as a misbehaved child. The "frairy brat" is only described as "sickly", not "spoiled".
  5. Loob

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    As I said...

    "Brat" means "child", but with pejorative overtones.
  6. Jade14 Senior Member

    Chicago, IL
    You're right! I read too fast! :eek: Thank you. It is now clear in my mind! :)

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