a fairy tale like that portrayed in movies


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Hi! This is my first post, so i hope I did everything right.

I wrote a speech about the Moulin Rouge in French, and it is now being peer edited, by my friend. French is his second language as well as mine. In my introduction I say:

"Le Moulin-Rouge, un institut de contradictions, fréquentées aujourd’hui par des touristes qui cherchent un conte de fée comme est dépeint en filme"

I was under the impression that I was saying "The Moulin rouge, an institute of contradictions, frequented today by tourists who are searching for a fairy tale like that portrayed in movies," but my friend and I are now in a debate about the "est depeint." He says the est has no subject and should be changed to c'est.

Who is right?
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    Je dois t'avouer que je ne te serai pas de grande utilité : la seule chose pourrais dire est que "un institut de contradictions" me semble étrange..


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    Welcome to the forum, VeggieChick :)

    I've just changed the title of your thread, as per rule 4:
    For the thread title, use the original term or phrase as it appears in your source text, without adding comments to it.
    Since the original idea you are trying to express is in English, it's best to put the English keywords in the title. Thanks! :)



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    Hmmm... sorry. It's not the expression that I'm having trouble with just the conjugation, so I apologize for the title business. I will be more diligent in the future!

    And as for the "institute of contradictions," - it does kind of sound awkward on it's own, now that I see it, but there is parallelism with the rest of my introduction that makes it make sense, if that makes sense. :p

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    -comme on en dépeint au cinéma (or: dans les films)

    maybe the original is weak, you mean to say: trying to live a fairy tale; then: qui cherchent à vivre un conte de fée comme on...
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