a fake set of orders

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“We’ll need to draft a fake set of orders,” Wahlman said.
Wahlman had chosen a generic-looking four-door sedan, a black one that closely resembled some of the official government vehicles he’d seen at the research facility, and he’d driven it back down to the Myrtle Beach area and had checked into the same place he’d stayed at previously. He used one of the desktop computers in the lobby to create a fake set of orders for the fake flag officer he was planning to become, knowing that the paperwork wouldn’t pass any sort of rigorous inspection process and pretty much betting his life that it wouldn’t have to. He bought some dark brown hair dye at a nearby pharmacy and a dark brown mustache at a nearby costume shop, and he bought an audio recording device about the size of a quarter at a nearby electronics.
Source: The Jack Reacher Experiment by Jude Hardin
Context: Wahlman is looking to infiltrate a top security government site.

What does a set of orders refer to? insignia?

Thank you
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    Official papers that order him to do certain things or to be in certain places at certain times. For example, Navy orders might tell him to be on board a specific aircraft carrier in the port of San Diego no later than 1000 hours (10 am) on Tuesday, June 18.
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