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  1. vatrahos

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    Şu cümleyi Türkçe olarak yazmak istiyorum:

    "Ahmet and his family live on a farm where they raise animals and grow vegetables."

    "Ahmet ve ailesi hayvanlar besleyip sebzeler yetiştirdikleri bir çiftlikte yaşıyorlar."

    bu doğru mu?
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  2. Revontuli

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    Cümlen doğru. Sadece bir şey hatırlatmak istiyorum:

    Ahmet ve ailesi havyan besleyip sebze yetiştirdikleri bir çiftlikte yaşıyorlar.

    Bu iki isim bu cümlede "topluluk adı/collective nouns" oldukları için çoğul kullanmaya gerek yok.

  3. sunsail Senior Member

    de langue Turc

    "Ahmet and his family live on a farm where they raise animals and grow vegetables"

    why not "in a farm"? if you say "on a farm" donot you say something above a farm something?


  4. vatrahos

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    American English

    Good question. I think that we say "on a farm" and not "in a farm" because we are talking about a kind of housing that is pretty open (There are lots of open spaces on a farm, so we say "on" rather than "in").

    We do however say "He lives in an apartment," because an apartment is an enclosed space.

    So, let me try to summarize:

    live in - we say this with:
    - closed living spaces ["he lives in a big house"]
    - cities ["he lives in Mexico City"]
    - states ["he lives in Virginia"]
    - countries ["he lives in Russia"]
    - continents ["he lives in Europe"]
    - ecological zones [ "he lives in the desert / the woods / the mountains"]*

    *one exception to ecological zones is water. Words such as lake, river or sea will take the word "on": "he lives on a lake." This does not mean that he lives "on top" of the water, but rather that he lives very near to it.

    live on - we say this with:
    - open living spaces ["he lives on a farm / a military base"]
    - streets ["he lives on Third Street / Lexington Avenue / Highway 90"]

    live at - we say this only if there is a possessive or modifying noun in front of the type of housing ["he lives at ... his uncle's place / a homeless shelter"]

    I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  5. sunsail Senior Member

    de langue Turc
    here it says "in" for the streets,is it britain/american english difference?

    in + streets, roads, avenues: Moniuszki, Fish Street etc.. e.g. in Stratford Avenue.

  6. acemi Member

    The general rules are basically as described by Vatrahos. English is a language with many variations from rules.

    Turkish '-de'/'-da' is translated to English as a preposition of place:
    in - used when the thing surrounds or encloses
    on - used for the thing is a surface
    at - used for a particular point

    Variations in use can occur depending on perspective. So, consider that a street can be something that surrounds you or a surface on the earth, for example.

    a general street name
    I live in Main street. :tick:
    I live on Main street. :tick:
    I live at Main street. :cross:

    a particular point in/on the street
    I live in 24 Main street :cross:
    I live on 24 Main street. :cross:
    I live at 24 Main street. :tick:

    I guess we never feel enclosed by a farm :)

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