a fast food fan

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  • SaritaMija

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    All three options sound fine to me. "fast-food junkie" is a bit on the coloquial side and I wouldn't use it as a standard or formal translation.


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    Both are correct, but unless you hyphenate "fast-food", the phrase "fast food fan" takes a moment to decipher: it could indicate that he is a fast fan of food!

    Please note that your question should read "does mine sound good."


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    A "junkie" is someone who sells drugs. But because some people can truly be addicted to fast food (See the movie, Super Size Me) they are called "junkies" when they love French fries so much that they have to stop on their way to the doctor to get some hot fries. It is not looked at disdainfully, but sort-of cutely as to some people's food addictions. It is not improper, and I would use it in any situation, I think, without misunderstanding.
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