A fat crib with the acres


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Français - France

I can't really understand these lyrics taken from this song.
"People [...] want a fat crib with the acres [...]".
"Les gens veulent des grands lits avec des hectares" :confused:
I'm afraid I definitely can't see the point here...

Thank you for your help
  • BAlfson

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    This is rap, and I don't know French rap; my translation wouldn't be fidele stylisitcally, so I'll just translate into "English." ;)

    "crib" = "place to live" it could be a small apartment or a sprawling mansion.

    "fat" usually is written "phat" and it means "of the highest quality" or "really expensive"

    I think "a fat crib with the acres" would be "a big, expensive house on a large property."

    Cheers - Bob


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    Français - France
    In French, I guess we would say "Une fat baraque" then ("fat" is used in French in rap and slang exactly with the same meaning as in English, either "big", either "great, awesome") :)
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