a fausting bargain?


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Hi guys, a few hours ago I was listening to Fox News, when I hard a weird adjective that I haven't found out yet. I wrote down what the panelist was saying to give you the context:
"[...]. You know, one of the ways companies got access to the Chinese markets was, essentially, to give them intellectual property. It was a fausting bergain, I believe.. [...]"
Any idea to what he was saying? Thanks!
  • It should read Faustian. The bargain made by Faust involved his selling his soul to the Devil.
    You have transcribed it incorrectly. It is a faustian-bargain, not fausting.
    1. (idiomatic) An agreement in which a person abandons his or her spiritual values or moral principles in order to obtain wealthor other benefits.

    From the medieval legend of Faust, who made a contract with the devil, exchanging his soul for worldly gains.

    Thank you both! Also, the origin is pretty interesting!
    Yes, I was pretty sure I misheard (and thus misspelled) that word.