a few moments for this transaction/deal to appear in your account.

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When I paid for something through the PayPal, I received a receipt for my payment.

It says:

Hello XX,
You sent a payment of XX to XX.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

What is the difference between “deal” and “transaction”? Can I use “deal” here instead?
  • reno33

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    In this context:
    transaction = the actual and final receipt and depositing of payment from your account into the seller's account by Paypal which you are paying for. (The actual financial process in its entirety.)

    deal = unknown in this case....you have no context with which to analyse the term /deal/. This term does not appear in your posting in a specific context.


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    I would say, even informally, deal does not fit. This is a financial transaction. Money is being moved from one account to another. There might have been a deal made that led to the transaction, but a transaction is not a deal. In this context, it's a simple technological process of moving money and updating records.

    an instance or process of transacting something.


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    I agree that 'deal' would not be equivalent to 'transaction' in this context.

    'Deal' is sometimes used to mean an offer by shop or dealer.

    Special Deal! Buy three for the price of two.

    'Deal' is also used to mean an agreement resulting from negotiations.

    He claims to be good at making deals, but there is little evidence to support that notion.
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