a few more dollars / a few dollars more


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Hello people, this time I'm particularly worried about the position of more in a sentence that does not involve an adjective (I know that, for example, *"dangerous more" is ungrammatical, so when there's an adjective involved, more always preceeds it)

So, for instance, what's the difference between using "a few more dollars" and "a few dollars more"? Is it emphasis? Or would you use each position in different, specific situations?

(I found examples of them both, so I assume they're both grammatically correct..)
  • Jeanie

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    Interesting question. "A few dollars more" is used less frequently and you are right that the emphasis would be on the word "more" and used in a specific situation. I'm sorry that I can't think of an example phrase in this instance.


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    Hi Narwen,

    In general, keep "more" before the noun, ie, "a few more dollars". It sounds more natural and will work in all contexts.

    There are, however, some instances in which "more" can be placed after the noun.

    I don't care whether it's one dollar more or one dollar less. I'm going to buy that dress.