a few others which represent at least a strong <balance of probability>

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“Then, pray tell me what it is that you can infer from this hat?"
He picked it up and gazed at it in the peculiar introspective fashion which was characteristic of him. "It is perhaps less suggestive than it might have been," he remarked, "and yet there are a few inferences which are very distinct, and a few others which represent at least a strong balance of probability.

The Blue Carbuncle
Doyle, Arthur Conan

Hi. What does the bold part mean here? I have looked it up but I still don’t quite understand what it is supposed to mean in this context.
PS: the first speaker is Watson and the second Holmes.
Thank you.
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    The balance of probability is whatever is more likely to be the case.
    Smith always wore a hat and Jones never did. So on the balance of probability it was more likely to be Smith's hat.
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