a few streets down - over a few streets

Onion Patch

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How do you translate "a few streets down" to Spanish? The idea is very similar to saying "over a few streets" as most people don't actually have a clue which direction they are actually pointing to when they are using their finger to give directions.

For example, if I am in town and someone asks me where the bank is, I might say "it is over a few streets by the dry cleaners" or "it's a few streets down".

I know the forum prefers that we make attempts to translate but I really don't have a clue on this one. :eek:

  • PavelR

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    Spanish - Colombian
    I use these:
    - Está a unas pocas calles en esa dirección (as you point) por la lavandería.
    - Está unas cuantas calles hacia allá (while pointing).
    - Queda bajando/subiendo unas cuantas calles.
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