a figurative locking with African ancestors

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Although Rastafarians number about 5,000 nationally, today dreadlocks, twists or braids are at the height of fashion, nearly as common as Afros were 30 years ago. If Afros symbolized militancy, dreads signal a more spiritual self-declaration, a figurative locking with African ancestors. As Stanford professor Kennell Jackson, who teaches a course called "African Coiffures and Their New World Legacies," puts it, "There's a divinity to these locks."

(This comes from newsweek.com LAW: THE DREADLOCK DEADLOCK by NEWSWEEK STAFF on 9/9/01.)

Does the blue part mean "a figurative connection with African ancestors "

Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, I understand the locking to mean locking of arms - in order words, like this.


    So, yes, 'connection' seems about right.


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    I think the main reason they chose that word is to use the word "lock" again.

    Figurative locking

    It was "creative" writing, and not chosen primarily for the meaning.
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