a fine spray of blood

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louis lou

The sentences below are quoted from that astounding Creator-Nature by Jean George.

The herpetologist began to annoy the beast with mock attacks, and the old man of the desert(referring to a lizard) ... became frightened. Suddenly his eyeballs reddened. A final fast lunge from my friend at the beast and I froze in astonishment -- a fine spray of blood shot from the lizard's eye, ...

I wonder if the author means a considerable amount of blood sprayed from its eye or a thin current of blood. "fine" has got the meaning of "small, little or thin", but here it is more likely a word to emphasize that it is really a "spray", which implies quite a lot of blood.

Thank you very much!!
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    I would say that "fine spray" when referring to the ejection of liquid into the air has more to do with the size of the individual droplets than it does with the quantity of liquid.

    A "fine spray" to me is like a mist, having very small droplets. I think that's what astonished the observer in the original text - very small droplets of blood shooting from the creature's eye.
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