a firm has evolved from fresh thinking


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how to understand the following sentence:

In a series of attention-grabbing online and television commercials, consumers learned that the company had evolved from "fresh thinking in financial services" to making things easier for customers.

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  • maxiogee

    What they are trying to suggest is that they look at the customer-relationship with a new way, they treat the customer differently than old-fashioned banks and financial services companies. They are trying to sound young and energetic and customer-oriented.

    (This of course is rubbish, they are a financial service company who make money from their customers the way all financial services companies make their money - they charge their customers fees and percentages.)

    It is always a good idea to be aware that not all the language in advertisements makes sense - it is intended to sound good.


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    "fresh thinking" is marketing-ese for "creative," "new," "out of the box."

    It means that the company is making a tactical change in its marketing strategy in order to attract different or new customers. Instead of helping customers find "fresh" (new/creative) ways of investing their money, the company is now focusing on customer service.