a first passion

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"We lived in a round of visits for some time after our return home, giving splendid dinner-parties, and making a sensation in our neighbourhood by the new lustre of our equipage, for my father had reserved this display of his increased wealth for the period of his son’s marriage; and we gave our acquaintances liberal opportunity for remarking that it was a pity I made so poor a figure as an heir and a bridegroom. The nervous fatigue of this existence, the insincerities and platitudes which I had to live through twice over—through my inner and outward sense—would have been maddening to me, if I had not had that sort of intoxicated callousness which came from the delights of a first passion. "

The Lifted Veil

The narrator finally got married with the lady he had a huge crush on. Now they got back to their home to celebrate their marriage.

What is "a first passion"? It seems it refers to the happiness from his first marriage. Am I right?


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