a fish with very high risks

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I am a teacher and my students had to write an essay on traditional and modern Japan. One of them wrote, among other things, about food. He wrote:

Fugu is a fish with very high risks. If you do not prepare it in the right way, you can be poisoned.

Do you believe the highlighted phrase is still in order? I don't find it awfully wrong - I know what the student wants to say-, but I am unsure whether it is really correct or not. I would say:

Fugu is a fish that poses a very high risk.
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    Your sentence is an improvement on your student's, but neither makes it clear that you're referring to fugu as a food. Both versions thus are confusing because they're unnecessarily vague. Your student's sentence could mean that the fish faces high risks in its life, and yours could mean that the fish can harm other fish, or the ecosystem, or something else.

    It would be better to say "Fugu is a fish that is risky for humans to eat," or simply "Eating fugu is very risky."
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