a 'fitting' for winter clothes

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    Fitting means the way the clothes fit. Loose, tight.

    As if, say, your shoes fit tight - you will be uncomfortable and feel pressure to your big toe.
    If the fit loose, they'd be falling of your feet all the time, or giving you blisters.


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    *WARNING: a fitting for winter clothes may be too slack for a child wearing summer clothes.

    It means
    (i)if you take your child to a department store, in summer, to buy winter clothes,
    (ii) be careful because if the child is wearing summer clothes (which are thin) then
    (iii) the winter clothes that fit the child whilst she wears summer clothes
    (iv) will not fit her in winter when the she is wearing winter clothes. because
    (v) winter clothes are thicker.

    Or to put it simply, "A child's chest measurement may be 60cm in summer clothes but 70cm in winter clothes."

    George French

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    Hi friends,

    What does fitting mean in the following context?

    *WARNING: a fitting for winter clothes may be too slack for a child wearing summer clothes. chest pads and seat Replacement Covers



    The fitting refers to the adjustment you have to make to the safety straps of the childs car seat..
    If you adjust the straps in the winter for the child who is wearing thick, bulky winter clothes then you will have to loosen the (safety) straps.
    A few months late the weather is nice and hot. The child is in a T-shirt. The safety straps are now loose. This is dangerous for the child.
    You must ajust the fitting of the safety straps to allow for the thinner clothing being worn by the child.



    You should check the fitting every time you put the child in the car seat.... If you are the driver your straps are self fitting. Most kiddie car seats are not... You are likely to forget to do this.........

    Check the kids safety straps everytime you put them in their car seat....

    Excuse the shouting.........


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    George has got it! The child is not being fitted for clothes but for a car seat. (That's what's being sold at the linked website.)