a five course dinner

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    The auction tables will be set with raised platters of cheeses, wines, and baked breads, pastries and strawberries, and a five course dinner will include traditional French fare, such as canapes, onion soup, filet mignon, and crème caramel.

    Please help to translate this phrase

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    course = part of meal: one of two or more different dishes or types of food that are served in sequence during a meal

    a five course dinner


    غداء الخمس أطباق أو أصناف
    وجبة غداء ذات خمسة أصناف

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    أرض الأنجل
    عربي (مصر)ـ | en (gb)
    Dinner only means 'lunch' in the north of England as far as I'm aware :D
    وجبة عشاء من خمسة أطباق
    أيْ تأتي على خمسة مراحل أو مكوّنة من خمسة أصناف
    في بريطانيا يكون هذا النّوع من الوجبات كالآتي
    مقبّلات - شوربة - طبق رئيسي به لحم - الحلو - قهوة
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    Thanks brothers

    May Allah reward you
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    And lunch means dinner as well in other places including rural areas in the US. It has to do with what you'd consider a working day and its schedule among other factors like the portion size of the meal.

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