a flank of rubber

Sasha Ivanov

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So we ambled back to our stray, grabbing at whatever we found along the shoulder and tossing it into the trees. If something-a rock, a flank of rubber-landed without making a sound, we erupted into cheers.
(We the Animals, Justin Torres)

What is a flank of rubber?
  • Sasha Ivanov

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    It was a stray cat, they were walking along a road, going from a gas station where they had bought milk for the cat, to the Dumpster where she lived. I think it's a highway, and it has lines of trees alongside.


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    A flank, in this sense is a sheet of some material like rubber or soft plastic - I assume it would be a part of bumper or mudguard from a car or lorry and was there as a result of its falling off after an accident.

    This is an extended use (uncommon in BE) of the first defintion in https://www.wordreference.com/definition/flank
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