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What is the meaning of the expression 'flash of the eyes' in the following sentence:
Ask anyone who has been associated with the fantasy-horror-science fiction genres in the last thirty years about this magazine, and you’ll get a laugh, a flash of the eyes, and a stream of bright memories –I practically guarantee it. Source: on writing by Stephen King.

Can you please share sentences for daily use that include a flash of the eyes.n

Thank you in advance.
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    I can't include examples of everyday use. It is not a common expression.

    In context, this seems to mean a brightening and widening of the eyes to express happy, joyful memories of this magazine.

    It could mean quite the opposite in a different context e.g.

    • He warned me not to speak with a flash of his eyes (i.e. he didn't say anything, but widened his eyes significantly to warn me).
    • By the flushing of her face and a flash of her eyes I could see how angry she was.

    In general, these uses seem to have in common a widening and brightening of the eyes. As you will see, it is perhaps more normal to use the personal pronoun (my/his/her) than 'the' – it's what I wrote automatically.
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