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    I would like to know the Finnish expression for such a situation where one notices it's time to change light bulb--it "blinks" (sorry, I don't know the right English word to express this) so much, as if it tries to survive on its dire resources. And what is the word, by the way, to change the light-blub? Can one say "Minun täytyy muuttua hehkulamppua."?
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    English, USA
    The normal word (at least in US English) is "flicker", as in "The light started flickering, so I knew it was time to change the bulb."

    I'm not sure of how to translate "flicker" in the latter sentence, but it might be lepattaa:

    Valaisin alkoi lepattaa, joten tiesin että oli aika vaihtaa hehkulamppu.

    Täytyy vaihtaa hehkulamppu.
  3. sakvaka

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    Well done. It is also common (and even advisable) to leave out hehku-, like this:

    Tiesin, että oli aika vaihtaa lamppu.
    Voisiko tuon lampun vaihtaa?

    However, the export of 'light bulbs' is nowadays prohibited in the EU area. For the future's needs, energiansäästölamppu (energy-saving light) will be more important. (Many retail stores still sell Göbel-Edison's light bulbs, but it is only a matter of years until they cannot be obtained any more.)

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