A flows out of B though C.


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I wonder my interpretation is right.

A flows out of B through C.

I interpreted this sentence.

A가 C를 통해 B에서 흘러나온다.
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    This is an original sentence:

    The cleaned air flows out of the filter elements through the pure gas outlet.

    I didn't think I needed to put the original context because some words like filter elements and pure gas outlet make more complicated.

    I think it's much easier to get it without it.
    That's why I used A,B and C.

    Source: Device manual


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    For me the full sentence is more helpful to understand. :)

    I try translating the example to 정화된 공기는 필터를 거쳐서 청정 공기 출구로 나오게 됩니다.


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    Without context, A flows out of B though C.
    1. A가 C를 거쳐 B에서 나오다.
    That what I translated but with context
    2. A가 B를 거쳐 C에서 나오다.
    This one make sense than 1.

    So I just want to know if A flows out of B though C.
    which one is right? 1 or 2?
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