A fly and a friar will fall into every dish

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I'd like to know if these words (a fly and a friar will fall in every dish) between the summoner and the friar in The Canterbury Tales is used as a saying or a proverb in English?

Thanks a lot.
  • ewie

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    Hullo Englantine. I've never heard it in my life. (I've never read The Canterbury Tales, but do know a lot of proverbs and sayings.)

    George French

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    The answer is of course "nothing".


    Thanks to this site http://www.eleusinianm.co.uk/redShalfleet/rs33wifeofbath.html

    Lo! Good men, what’s the difference between a fly and a friar? Answer: nothing, 'cos they can neither of them leave anything alone.

    The quote item here is not exactly the same (a fly and a friar will fall in every dish) as in the original post. Nevertheless it fits and it is quite obvious.....
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