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I want to say "a folder" in Chinese: a container for keeping loose papers in, made of folded card or plastic.

Is it correct to say: A folder (一个文件夹) (Yīgè wénjiàn jiā) ?

Thank you.
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    I guess you want to say “档案盒” .

    “文件夹” is like this

    “档案盒” is this
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    Also, you'll need this more often: 文件袋(wen2 jian4 dai4)
    文件袋 - Google Search
    I can't upload this image, you could check this link.:)
    And I and my friends, don't say 文件盒 or 檔案 in ordinarily Chinese, we usually say 文件袋 or 档 案袋
    I think it depends on your aim, if you work in a company, you need to use 文件盒 or 档 案盒. But we don't use that in our life.
    You could judge this by image, 盒/盒子 has more space than 袋/袋子, like we say 塑料袋 in our shipping, but use 紙盒 to denote a box used put paper in. Also notice that we say 垃圾袋 in whatever big or small bag. No matter how big it is.:)
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