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  1. Abu Talha Senior Member

    regarding my post in this thread: Words Expressing Similarity, I wanted to translate the sentence, "The hunter launched his spear at his prey like a quarterback."

    Here is my post:

    I translated "quarterback" as "a football player", but I didn't want to say لاعِبُ كُرَّةِ القَدَمِ because I thought that would mean "the football player." So instead I made لاعب indefinite and made كرة القدم accusative (منصوب):

    لاعِــبٌ كُرَّةَ القَدَمِ

    Was this correct? Does لاعِبُ كُرَّةِ القَدَمِ mean "the football player" to you too, or can it also mean "a football player"?

  2. كلمات Senior Member

    I can't help you with the grammar, however...
    For it to mean a football player, it should be لاعب كرة قدم. But this in Arabic has but one meaning, a soccer player. This is not the intended idea in the original sentence. You'd rather translate this to: كلاعب كرة قدم امريكية or you can shorten it and use rugby كلاعب رجبي.
    I don't know about طريد, but prey is more commonly translated as فريسة. I'd also suggest نحو rather than إلى.
    رمى الصياد رمحه نحو الفريسة كلاعب كرة قدم امريكية
  3. كلمات Senior Member

    Sometimes people transilterate the foreign word when translating and they add the meaning in a footnote or between brackets.
    رمى الصياد رمحه نحو الفريسة ككورترباك (قاذف الكرة في لعبة كرة القدم الامريكية) و.
  4. Abu Talha Senior Member

    Thanks كلمات. So the ال is removed from قدم to make the player indefinite.
    I thought I heard طريد or طريدة in some Arabic nature documentaries and the dictionary gives the meaning, "tracked beast, quarry." Perhaps it is not as common as فريسة.

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