a "for" sounding study in a five years



A thingking of "for" for five years---

"She set / established / a record / broke the record for long distance swimming. "

Up-todate then I know its connotation and the logic of language, but it is still in doubt until it is confirmed by folks.

In my study:

1. to meaning, there "for" is used to introduce an item in sport in which the best yet done / in which the highest / lowest figure ever reached

2. to the logic of language, "for" regards the figure

as the best performance (that) ever attained in a sport----so, "record" is an accompaniment to that ever attained in a sport, or used for / connected with / joined to a sport----this is the logic of language in "for"

I would approciate any help of folks offer in clearing it up for me.

all the best

  • ems28

    Your usage is correct. "She set a record _for_ long distance swimming (running / swimming / the sport / the race / etc...)"

    Re: 1) You used the term correctly for the meaning.
    Re: 2) Yes, "for" is a preposition.
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