a form flung past his window with a scream


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Hi, I cannot understand the meaning of the red part from "The Far and the Near" by "Thomas Wolfe". Would you please explain its meaning. Thanks a lot.

The engineer had driven his great train, loaded with its weight of lives, across the land ten thousand times. His own children had grown up and married, and four times he had seen before him on the tracks the ghastly dot of tragedy converging like a cannon ball to its eclipse of horror at the boiler head a light spring wagon filled with children; a cheap automobile stalled upon the tracks; a battered hobo walking by the rail; and a form flung past his window with a scream—all this the man had seen and known.
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    A form = a shape (of a person). The writer is describing the engineer's experience of somebody being hit by the train and flying past the cab window, screaming.
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