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Can the prhase "a form of media" be used to generally mean a way of conveying information in journalism?

I assume exapmles of "a form of media" are radio and newspaper.

(Sorry if this question does not make sense.)

I'll appriciate your attention.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I wanted to know whether "a form of media" can be used, because I wanted to make a sentence like these.

    "What form of media is best depends on what a jounalist want to convey to the public."
    "A journalist must choose the form of media which is most suitable for the message they want to convey."
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    "Media" is a popular shortened form of "news media" and is the plural of "medium." In my experience, that amorphous term is not used by journalists in the same way it is used by the general public.

    Therefore, your sentences sound awkward and unnatural to me. Why not just say "which medium?"

    I am also confused by your concept of a journalist. When you say "the message they want to convey," makes it sound like editorializing, which not what I call journalism, i.e. reporting.

    Moreover, the vast majority of journalists are employed and thus do no choosing as to the medium in which they work.

    Finally you have a problem with agreement between pronoun and antecedent. It's either "a journalist" (singular) and "he/she"(singular) or journalists (plural) and they (plural).


    Thank you.

    It was a great help.

    I'll be careful about agreement between pronoun and antecedent.

    Thank you, again.
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