A fost o mare plăcere să te cunosc

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  1. Hello!
    I have a question.
    Is the phrase A fost o mare plăcere să te cunosc actually used in social conversation in Romanian?
    Or is there something else that is usually said instead?
    And what would be the polite version instead of 'tu/te' here?
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada
    It does sound like something you'd put in a formal letter but it's not unheard of.

    In a face to face conversation or even in a letter/email I'd use the form: "mi-a făcut plăcere să te cunosc " or "... să cunosc" if going for the formal/polite version.
  3. irinet

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    Weaker and much neutral than the one you asked for is:
    Îmi pare bine să vă/te cunosc. (Present Tense everywhere.)

    For your title, it's more common to hear:
    a) 'Mi-a făcut o deosebită/reală plăcere te/vă cunosc. (Notice the Present after 'să')
    b) 'Mi-a făcut o deosebită plăcere v-am cunoscut'. (Notice the Past after 'că').

    My favourite, which is shorter and equally polite, but the most used is: Încântat de cunoştință.
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  4. Thanks so much. but my meaning was actually that I was pleased to meet them (the day before).
  5. naicul

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    It was a pleasure to meet you (the day before) = A fost o placere să vă întâlnesc (ieri). This is if you actually met the person the day before and you want to thank them for a pleasent time together.

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