a four-dollar word

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  1. JUNIO

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    Spanish, Spain

    Podéis ayudarme con esto? Cómo se traduciría? ¿Como "una palabra muy complicada"?


    "What's that?" Eve interrupted.

    "A paleontologist?"

    She nodded.

    "It's a four-dollar word for a man who hunts bones so old, they've turned
    to stone."

  2. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    I've heard of a four-letter word, but never a four-dollar word.

    It's more common to say, at least in American English, a 10-dollar word, meaning una palabra muy culta.

    P.S. A $4 bill doesn't exist, but a $10 bill does.
  3. Lynne Senior Member

    New Zealand - English
    Maybe something like "fancy" would be better. Is elaborado appropriate? Saying "muy complicada" has the same general meaning, but it feels like it loses the humour a little. The English is saying it is an fancy/elaborate/extravagant word..

    Probably I didn't help much, sorry!
  4. JUNIO

    JUNIO Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Muchas gracias, Lynne!

    Igual me decanto por "enrevesada palabra".

  5. allende Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)/Catalan
    yo pondría: "es una manera culta de decir que es un hombre que se dedica a buscar huesos tan antiguos que se han convertido en piedra"

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