A <four-pager> application form

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Punjabi/Urdu - Pakistan
I have applied for a job in Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) - a petroleum company. The application form which I have filled consists of four pages.
Can I say,
A four-pager application form.

I am saying "four-pager" because the application form has four pages.

  • HajiSahib

    Punjabi/Urdu - Pakistan
    Please give us the sentence in which you want to use this phrase.
    I visited the company's official website in order to apply online. There were written the job description, job requirements and under "How to apply online?", this was written:
    You have to fill a four-pager application form completely; paste your two recent passport size photos; attach the original copy of the original bank challan form; attach the copies of your educational certificates and the copy of your original NIC (National identity card).

    Gérard Napalinex

    Senior Member
    French - France
    This is the typical construction for quantity adjectives - or whatever their name is
    <number>-<unit> <noun>
    As in
    A twenty-inch screen
    A five-axle truck
    A ten-page document


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    English - US
    Why is it so? Do native speakers not (or rarely?) use the word "pager" in the same way as I have in my OP sentence?
    We use it as a noun but not as an adjective.
    It's a four-page form. It's a four-pager form. :cross:It's a four-pager. :tick:
    A twenty-inch screen is a twenty-incher, not a twenty-incher form.
    A five-axle truck is not a five-axler. This one just sounds awful.
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