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    I have a reference to Dr. Brian Weiss (the American New Age Guru who talks about life, death, reincarnation etc) in a comic strip. Basically, two characters are talking about death etc, and one says something like 'that sounds like a bit of wisdom from Brian Weiss'. I'm translating this into a BD en français... Question: Will a French audience understand this reference to Brian Weiss? ("ça c'est un peu Brian Weiss", or something like that ) Is there some equivalent French New Age guru whom I can use instead? Any Frenchman (or woman) famous for spouting on the meaning of life and death will do :)
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    Personally, I didn't know Brian Weiss and I wonder whether a French audience would understand this reference, but i may be wrong.
  3. Oddmania

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    I don't know any! I think you'd be better off rewording the sentence : "Ça fait un peu théorie new age farfelue (à la Brian Weiss)".
  4. poltu New Member

    Merci beaucoup petit1 et Oddmania! I think I'll go with Oddmaina's suggestion. Or perhaps I could change it to "Bafouillage New Age" - (New Age babble)? That is also a frequently used phrase in English.

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