a friend of his mind


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Lo mismo que antes, un ensayo sobre Beloved el libro de Toni Morrison, uno de los esclavos Sixo piensa lo siguiente:

Sixo thinks that this woman is 'a friend of his mind,'

Sixo piensa que esta mujer es ‘una amiga suya’

Como derivación de 'is a friend of mine'?, simplemente el tipo hablaba mal?, pero en todo caso como traduzco eso?
No he leido el libro.
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    Sixo piensa que esa mujer es una "amiga mía". Tal vez haga falta un asterisco con una nota a pie de página.


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    No, it's not a mistake, it does not mean "una amiga suya."

    "Toni Morrison (39) has Sixto explain in Beloved that he spends his weekend walking to see the Thirty Mile Woman because she is a 'friend of his mind,' a person who helps him better understand what he thinks. These modern novelists speak to the importance of having someone who listens to our experiences and helps us to sort them out."

    - http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/155/5/582

    I don't know how to translate it, but that's what it means, and it's definitely not just "a friend of mine."
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