A friend of his wanted him to go


Hi, I need to know why her it said his instead of him...
this is the sentence:
A friend of his wanted him to go out for a meal.

please, I need your help...
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    "A friend of his" - "He" is possessive of the "friend." It's "his friend," therefore "A friend of his..."

    Also, you should say "I need to know why it says his instead of him..."

    I hope I helped you.


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    it's always used in the same way:

    to say "un amigo mio" you have to say " a friend of mine"
    to say "un amigo tuyo" you have to say "a friend of yours"
    Y siempre es así: después de "of" debes poner el posesivo que corresponde según la persona que "posee el amigo": si yo poseo el amigo (es amigo mio), entonces ponemos el posesivo que corresponde a "I", que es "mine". Y siempre igual... me has entendido o no me he explicado bien?

    espero que sí, un beso!
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