a frisky girl


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i've been trying to find a good translation for the word "frisky" as in "she's getting frisky with that guy", but i'm not sure if the words i'm finding in spanish imply a sort of sexual playfulness. any synonyms i can find in english don't seem to entail any kind of seductiveness, and the spanish ones only seem to refer to kid's play, activeness, or animal behavior.
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    Sí puede tener connotaciones sexuales, mira la letra de la canción Stereotypes, por Blur. Yo creo que "juguetona" es una buena traducción.


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    Yo creo que "juguetona" es mejor opción para "frisky" porque ambas palabras, dependiendo del contexto, pueden tener un sentido sexual, que es lo que tiene aquí. No me gusta la palabra "fulano" para "guy", "tío" es más coloquial, al menos en España.


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    there is one song performed by Kool and the Gang called Fresh that exactly says: Miss frisky lady take me away I agree with the meaning listed previously