a front bead over alum-tawed cores

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    Help again !
    Quelqu'un peut-il m'éclairer sur ce passage. Nous sommes dans l'univers impitoyable de la reliure.
    « As the spine linings are new, it follows that the primary endbands sewn in silk with a front bead over alum-tawed cores must be new also, as the endband tiedowns pass through the linings. »
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    This is all very specialised terminology, so I suggest you look at some online bookbinding glossaries.

    A thread crossing over at the base of the headbanding core, to create a raised, bead-like effect.
    A salt used to prepare a skin for binding, rendering it soft, flexible, and white in colour. See also tawing.
    The preparation of a skin (usually pig or goat) by treating it with a mixture based on aluminium salts, which renders it flexible. An early alternative to tanning.
    Glossary of Bookbinding Terms A-E
    Bookbinding glossary | Bookbinding terminology - Grays bespoke British bookbinders

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