a full social class below her


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Hi, guys!

This is from TV show 'Modern Family'.

The quote is what Alex said to watchers. She is a kind of greasy grind, she is not popular among her friends.

In the context, what does it mean by 'a full social class below her'?

Sienna is amazing... stylish, worldly...
and she's so new to our
school, she doesn't even realize
that I'm a full social class below her.
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    Given the reference to "school," I'm assuming we are talking about high school or middle school. I don't think she's referring to the lower/middle/upper classes of society; I think she's talking about the informal social strata of a school. The popular kids, typically the star athletes and cheerleaders, are on top, followed perhaps by the other athletes, then maybe the attractive non-athletes, and so on.

    The writers are, I think, joking that at this school, the social classes are so obvious that everyone agrees on what they are, and who is in each one. Sienna is "stylish and worldly," and therefore normally wouldn't associate with Alex, a presumably "normal" kid. But she does, because she's new and hasn't learned that she belongs in a higher-ranking group than Alex.
    dhchong, it's really not complicated. Alex's dad is a real estate agent. She is average looking, not extremely beautiful by high-school conventional standards. So she is 'middle class' including at her high school. The new girl is presumably rich, and if not, quite beautiful and richly dressed, putting her in that high school's 'upper class' even though she is too new to fully grasp that.
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