1. mad2 Senior Member

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    One other thing: anyone knows/guesses what can be A.G.R.E.E in this case (it is in a course for managers):

    Conflict Management Model/Practice A.G.R.E.E. Model

    I assume it is a Human resource concept, but what can it be in French?

    I'd really apreciate some help, thanks!!!
  2. CARNESECCHI Senior Member

    French / France
    Have a look here : http://www.ameinfo.com/40293.html
    Acknowledge; Ground Rules; Reframe; Explore; Evaluate

    roughly : "Reconnaître/ Accepter; Appliquer les procédures; Reformuler; Explorer; Evaluer/Faire le point"
    Hope it helps
  3. JME Senior Member

    Gerpinnes, Hainaut, Belgique
    francophone de Belgique
  4. FrançoisXV Senior Member

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    google gives

    ça ressemble à une méthode de résolution de problèmes en groupe, mais est-ce traduisible ? les industriels français font du PDCA sur les procédés, mais c'est de l'anglais (Plan, Do, etc...)
    Le principe de la méthode AGREE, c'est de la conciliation.
    Hope it helps.

    Edit: Je vois que d'autres ont trouvé une signification différente pour ces initiales. Further context needed, comme on dit dans ces cas là ?
  5. mad2 Senior Member

    France, French
    Thanks to you all, as it is in management, it refers to the Carnesecchi proposal of conflict management, more than effective family decision making (very interesting: now they adapt marketing principles to your family life uhhh).
    I assume AGREE remains in English and the verbs can be translated, the way Carnesecchi did.
    Thnaks to you all!

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