a gap that was just sorely needed

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Mr Lane speaks a language known as Siletz Dee-ni, which is restricted to a small area on the central Oregon coast.
Mr Lane has sat down and recorded 14,000 words for the online dictionary. "Nothing takes the place of speakers speaking to other speakers, but this bridges a gap that was just sorely needed in our community and our tribe."
(Digital tools 'to save languages'; BBC News)

I believe that Mr Lane meant "We needed this gap to be bridged.", but does it read to you as if it was 'a gap' that was needed in their community?

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    It looks like a bit of carelessness.
    Im sure the intended meaning, as you suggest, is "...bridges a gap that sorely needed to be bridged..." or something like that.


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    Yes, I think he just tripped over his tongue a bit there: ... bridges a gap that sorely needed to be bridged:thumbsup:
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