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Good morning friends,

I am wondering how we refer to a gathering where there is no food. There may be some drinks and hors d'oevres but no food.

Thank you.
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    Well, there's no special word for this kind of no-food party. You just have to specify there's gonna be no food. Like i.e. "Το Σάββατο το βράδυ κάνω μια μικρή συγκέντρωση, σπίτι μου. Θα μαζευτούμε λίγα άτομα, θα πιούμε κάτι... Δεν έχω προβλέψει κάτι ιδιαίτερο για φαγητό, αλλά αν πεινάσουμε μπορούμε να παραγγείλουμε".

    Just to give you an idea.


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    Hi everyone,
    I hate to keep harping on this but the idea of their being no word for a cocktail party seems odd. Would inviting people for μεζἐδες solve this?

    Θα χαρουμε να σας δεχτουμε στο σπιτι μας για μεζἐδες. That way we are just using Greek words, and we are making it clear that it's not dinner but just snacks like a cocktail party.

    Any thoughts.
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