A gen1 B 一样 大


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Is this the character 更 with first tone used to express similarity between things you want to compare? is this the same character used with the forth tone to express "more" than other thing or person? I´m asking you this, because I´ve picked it up from a book that is only written in pinyin, so, I´m not very sure about the character, for instance: A gen1 B 一样 大。

Thank you very much.
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    更 is not used to express similarities. 更 is only pronounced with the 1st tone in some less common words.

    In your case, the character is 跟.
    跟, gen1, basic meaning: "follow", developed meaning: "with, and"
    A B 一样大 = A B 一样大 = A and B are same in size.
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