"a germ of truth"

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  1. nn.om

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    "There's a germ of truth in what you said." A quote from a conversation.

    From my E-E dictionary:

    2 the germ of an idea/theory/feeling etc the early stage of an idea, feeling etc that may develop into something bigger and more important:

    - The germ of a story began to form in his mind.

    So in Arabic, is it جرثومة حقيقة or something else?
  2. ayed

    ayed Senior Member

    شيء من الحقيقة
  3. shafaq Senior Member

    According the Webster's Dictionary germ is the rudimentary form from which a new organism is developed, seed, bud. ...

    So, بِزْرَة or زَريعَة even حَبَّة is suitable.
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  4. xebonyx

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    I agree with Ayed's suggestion because "germ" in this context means an inkling.
  5. nn.om

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    And what if it was "a germ of a theory"?

    بداية نظرية؟
  6. cherine

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    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I suggest بذرة . There's also مقدمة like مقدمة لوضع نظرية. I think بداية is also good.

    Please don't use جرثومة because it has a negative connotation, so جرثومة حقيقة sounds a bit contradictory. :)

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