a gesture that took in his appearance


Hello all, I can't seem to find a proper translation for the phrase because I'm not sure of the meaning.

The context is a text where two brothers meet after one has been abroad for a long time. When he comes back he is very skinny, the text says "his ribs protruded like the black keys of a piano".
The adventurous brother (Jamie) tells all about his travels, and answers his brother's (Henry) reproach for staying away so long by saying : "we all heal in our own ways, brother." Then the text goes "Henry made a gesture that took in Jamie's appearance. "Well, if this is what you call healing, I'd hate to see what hurting is."

I don't understand if he's miming his brother's appearance (un geste qui mimait l'apparence de Jamie) or if he's showing it (un geste qui montra l'apparence de Jamie).

Thanks a lot for any answer!
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