A girl so willful that, at age 10...


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The novel’s heroine is Devi, a girl so willful that, at age 10, she declares to her mother that she will marry no one other than Machaiah. She has no idea that her lifelong friend, the shy, sensitive Devanna — Machaiah’s younger cousin — harbors his own hopes of marrying her.

Im having trouble translating the descriptions of the characters, because they are not written in basic english structure, they are written very formally and carefully so it is difficult for me to write equivelantly in Spanish. Any ideas on how to translate this maintaing the formality and precise description?
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    ¿Cómo te parece este intento? La protagonista de la novela es Devi, una chica tan testaruda que, con los diez años, le declara a su madre que no va a casarse con nadie que no sea Machaiha.

    Soy muy poca cosa para darte consejos generales sobre la manera más eficaz de mantener la formalidad del original. :)