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Tiger's Eye

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English - US
I understand how to translate who in most contexts, and if I were saying the girl who I would put die Mädchen, die... (I think?)
But I'm wanting to say a girl who.
Could I say eine Mädchen, die?

The complete sentence is:
The movie is about a girl who wants to save her boyfriend.
Der Film ist uber ein Mädchen, die ihr Freund retten will.

  • Kuestenwache

    Senior Member
    Right! The grammatical gender of "Mädchen" is neutral not female.
    "the girl, who"-"das Mädchen, das"
    "a girl who"-"ein Mädchen, das"
    your complete sentence has to be "Der Film ist über ein Mädchen, das ihren Freund retten will"
    Freund is accusative so has to be the possessive pronoun.
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