A Girly girl

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Hello. I encountered this adjective "girly" today. I know its meaning in English, basically it refers to a women who is very stereotypically feminine. She likes the colour pink, loves make-up, has long hair and wears dresses or long skirts.

I desire to translate this word into Chinese. So far I have got, "娇娇女", or "非常女性化". Personally I lean towards the second one. But I would love you guys' input. Thanks.

Context: Jennifer is such a girly girl.
  • hx1997

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    Manly - 很男人

    Girly - 很女人

    My two cents.


    "非常女性化" 念起來有點文謅謅的, but then again it depends on where you want to use it I guess. Below are some other translations on the top of my head using your sentence as an example:
    • Jennifer 是個小公主
    • Jennifer 非常地女生、很女生 (比較台灣人的用語)
    • Jennifer 的個性很像小女生
    • Jennifer 比女生還女生
    Just some thoughts!
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